David Benfield


David has been in the entertainment industry since the age of fourteen. Getting his start as a touring musician based out of Lake Charles Louisiana, then working his way into the producing and promoting realm. Producing such works as artist’s showcases, festivals, and charity events, highlighted by the signing of a proclamation by Mayor of Lake Charles Randy Roach, awarding David his very own day honoring David’s commitment to community and the arts in Southwest Louisiana. After a decade in the music industry David moved to Jacksonville Florida and turned his focus towards acting and life in the theatre and film. Performing in such works as Mark Twain’s Is He Dead? and Romulus Linney’s Holy Ghosts. David is as a working film actor and member of First Coast Talent Agency, based out of Jacksonville Florida. Now, after a recent move to New York City, David has returned to his roots as a producer/promoter for Global Theatre Ensemble.