A unique partnership with several of Brooklyn’s most important theater education institutions came together to produce Iphigenia, an original adaptation of the classic Euripides play, Iphigenia at Aulis. Collaborating as artistic partners, Brooklyn College Theater, NYCCT Entertainment Technology, TheatreWorks, The Programs in Performance and Interactive Media Arts (PIMA) at Brooklyn College and Global THEATRE Ensemble created a unique event bringing an ancient Greek masterpiece into our time, through a modern adaptation, original music, and dance––performed by the band Çatal Hüyük and guest artists––and a multimedia environment. This production marked the debut of our company.

The international cast consisted of actors and musicians from Bulgaria, Turkey, Puerto Rico, The Czech Republic, Israel, Australia, Iceland, and the United States. Iphigenia sought to recreate the sense of community and civic engagement that were vital to classical Greek theater, as well as the emotional and intellectual dynamics that make theater relevant and compelling.


mar 2008