A United Nations theatrical event about the elimination of violence against women, Mika was performed at the UN and provided a model for future efforts by world leaders to stem this violence. The piece was based on actual stories of violence perpetrated against women and how actions can be taken to reverse this aggression.

Mika offered the opportunity for participants to discover productive new ways of dealing with situations that often engender violence against women—whether in the form of physical, economic, emotional or political violence—by providing an ongoing practice of constructive actions and communication, through theatre activities that encourage problem solving, community building, and self-development.

Mika was presented to world leaders meeting at the U.N. November 25, 2008 as part of Secretary General Ban Ki-moon’s initiative, issued February 25, 2008, to the Commission on the Status of Women, and again performed for those working members of the U.N. who met to discuss various approaches to the problem.

nov-dec 2008/mar 2009

“What a powerful performance… I wish
policy makers and women everywhere
could see it.”     Ban Ki-Moon